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I am Sam Salaymeh, the founder of Alohma LLC and a passionate vaper! Alohma is my venture into the world of electronic cigarettes.


In mid-2011 I started vaping when a friend introduced me to electronic cigarettes. These cool inventions had tremendous potential. So I invested in learning more about them and how they could make my life better. After countless hours reading, sampling, testing, mixing, breaking, etc. (you get the point), I realized that it’s quite a journey for a vaper to figure out what they like the best… Trying each of the many options felt like a waste of time and money, not to mention creating frustration! But I was determined to get to the bottom of it. Within a short while I became the guy that people would call before they made a decision on what to try or buy… Soon after the requests became, “hey could you just order that for me.”

So… I decided to start a small business that would custom tailor a vaping solution to each and every customer.  I envisioned meeting with my customers to listen to what they like, dislike, goals, and lifestyle. I would then share my experience with the various vaping products and work with customers to compile the best combination to address their goals and fit their lifestyles… happy customers within an hour of conversation and customization.

Fast forward…

I am in business now making customers happy every day. The process has been fantastic and the enthusiasm of my customers has been my fuel. I am building an inventory that will ensure that any item my customers want is always in stock at a great price.

October 7th 2012…

We are open for business at 723 N 120th St in Omaha!

April 1st 2012…

We are open for business at 725 N 120th St too!

June 2013…

We are 16 Plumers strong and still building, new locations in the works!

Dec 2013…

We are almost 40 Plumers strong with 3 locations in the Omaha/CB metro to serve our customers. Our affiliates and wholesale program are serving several other communities. We are looking forward to serving more of our communities and further expansion in 2014.

May 2014…

We are a family of over 60 Plumers that run 4 locations in the Omaha/CB metro to serve our community. Our wholesale and distribution program is reaching several states and is placing our products in more and more brick and mortar stores. Our local community helped us grow so we are now working on paying back with efforts and contributions to research, events, and the helping our neighbors.

Oct 2014…

Our first retail store outside of the Omaha/CB metro opened in Sioux City, IA!

Dec 2014…

We are proud of our team and are grateful to Omaha for voting us the Best of Omaha!

We are now running 6 locations, with one dedicated to wholesale, and are working on setting up more in Omaha and beyond.

We changed our name from Plumes to Alohma 🙂

Here’s the scoop… We have been blessed with growth beyond our wildest dreams in the short amount of time we have been open. We are now embarking on a new journey of expansion into several states and maybe internationally. With that in mind, we decided that we needed a name that is very uniquely ours and cannot be in any way confused with anything else.

So with these thoughts… we locked a bunch of vape geeks into a room, loaded them up on sugar, caffeine, gave them a few key elements to include in the name, then sat back and watched as their minds started working.  What we wanted our name to reflect was:

We are a company born and raised in  OMAHA. We are a bunch of GEEKS. We started as PLUMES. We love helping PEOPLE

It was a challenge combining all those things into one word that flows easily, it quickly became apparent that no such word existed so we had to make one up.

Here’s how we did it:

Take the letters of OMAHA and scatter them around while making sure that O, H, and M are next to each other, just  because we are geeky like that. Then we took the iconic swirly L from Plumes and put it in the mix just to remind us of our origin. The creation of alohma, a name to honor everything that is Plumes. A happy coincidence it’s very similar in sound to the word “people” in other languages around the world. How can you go wrong with that!

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