EHPro Colored Kayfun Lite Plus

EHPro Colored Kayfun Lite Plus




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The Kayfun Lite Plus is a new version of the Kayfun Lite which now features adjustable airflow! On the bottom of the tank, next to the fill screw, you will now find a second screw that will open or close the airhole, allowing you to get the precise draw you’re looking for! The Kayfun is a rebuildable atomizer designed to enhance the flavor of your juice. It uses a chamber to house your wick and coil, which concentrates the vapor and produces a bold flavor. The Kayfun is made of stainless steel with an optional clear polycarbonate window so you can see how much juice is remaining. Because the Kayfun Lite is rebuildable, you can achieve your perfect vaping experience. The Kayfun Lite comes with everything you need for your first build, along with replacement parts. If you’ve been searching for your perfect vape, this is the atomizer to make it happen!


    • 1x Kayfun Lite rebuildable Atomizer with Drip Tip
    • 1x Flat/Phillips Head Screwdriver Keychain
    • 1x Drip Tip Adapter
    • Replacement O-Rings
    • Replacement Positive and Ground Screws
    • Approx. 5-inches of 2.5mm Braided Silica, Hollow
    • Approx. 6-inches of 32-gauge Kanthal Wire
    • Gift Box
Height: 74mm
Diameter: 22mm
Weight: 78g

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